Fresno auto show offers insight into industry

FRESNO, California

The show includes affordable models as well as some you can only dream about. An Enzo Ferrari on display is worth one and a half million dollars. Only 400 were made.

Show organizers are happy to see the return of luxury cars like Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo after a two-year absence.

Freedom Ford Vice-president Mark Rapin explained, "When you see the dealers start to get excited you know they're must be a mood, a vibe out there in the marketplace, that people are getting excited again."

General Motors is excited over the new Camaro and its second chance. GM returned to the stock market on Thursday. It hopes to pay back a 50-billion dollar taxpayer bailout.

Hedrick Chevrolet owner Brett Hedrick said, "This is the first step where General Motors can take back control, go back to where it's a publicly held company, not government so I think once when that happens people will feel General Motors doesn't need the crutches of the government anymore."

The brand new Chevy Cruze is among the cars you'll be able to test drive at the show. Hedrick said, "The best thing about the car is you get so many features for not a lot of money so it's a nice competition for the imports."

Ford will also have several models available to take out on the streets.

Shaun Foley of the Motor Trend Auto Show said, "Being able to actually then go outside and get in that car and take it for a test drive, still without the pressure to buy, is huge for an attendee."

Over 150 cars, trucks and SUVs are on display this weekend, including hybrids.

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