Rain, hail, and snow sweeps through Central California

FRESNO, Calif.

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Meanwhile, the California Highway Patrol blames the weather for several crashes in the area. A tow truck hauled away this car from Highway 41 near McKinley Sunday. The California Highway Patrol says it was involved in a two-vehicle crash as a result of speeding in the rain.

Officer Jennifer Taylor said, "We've got both vehicles that ended up in the center divider. Luckily, no injuries, but wet roadways, people have to slow down."

In North Fresno, people were still talking about this weekend's weather cool-down -- especially Sunday morning's hail storm.

Rubi Encizo said, "It's random, cause our weather is just so weird, you know, but I'm used to it. I'm not that cold. I love the weather. I love winter."

An Action News photographer sent in video of the pea-sized hail from his home in Northeast Fresno. A picture was sent in by an Action News viewer with what looks like snow on the ground.

People in Shaver Lake experienced the real thing Sunday. Eight inches of snow fell overnight making for some dangerous driving conditions.

An American Ambulance lost control and ended up in a ditch.

Officer Mike Higgins said, "There was no damage to the ambulance and they did not have a patient on board."

Meanwhile, drivers, including Visalia resident Steve Lawton were forced to pull over and install chains. "When it rains there, I know it's going to be snowing up here," said Steve Lawton.

With Storm Warn 30 predicting more rain and snow throughout the week, the CHP says drivers need to be aware and as always, remain cautious.

While the weather poses a safety concern for drivers, some business owners say it's what they wait all year for. "But, all in all, the more people come up, we all benefit on the hill up here," said Norman Kato.

If you're heading up into the mountain areas, chains are required. Here in the valley, make sure you clear those storm drains to prevent any flooding.

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