Family grieves over mother killed in accident near Fowler

FRESNO, Calif.

Family members say Lorri Lassotovitch was on her way to her daughter's home last night to show her how to make stuffing. Instead, her children spent this holiday grieving at the intersection where their mother was tragically killed.

Thursday afternoon hugs and tears replaced a day of eating and relaxing as family members sifted through the wreckage of their mom's car.

"To be out here is really hard. The hardest thing is to know that my mom took her last breath's and we're just standing here trying to figure out everything. And to see my sister's is what kills me, we all don't deserve it," Danika Picquette said.

At the accident scene, Danika Picquette found a lottery scratcher, and some CD's that belonged to her mom. Her sister found their mother's favorite sunglasses.

Lassotovitch died Wednesday night when investigators say a Ford Bronco plowed into her firebird after running a stop sign. The firebird struck another car. The bronco burst into flames, but not before the driver ran from the scene. Four others were injured.

The mother of three had recently celebrated her 50th birthday. As a gift her daughters gave her a family picture that included all her grandchildren.

"She knew how to bring us up. And when I was down about a boyfriend or sister fights or anything, she would always bring us up. And everybody loved her, everybody knew her. We worked at the gas station in Fowler she's a well known great person."

The driver, kenny bailey is in critical condition with head injuries. Family members say he is the longtime boyfriend of lassotovitch.

His father says bailey is in a medically induced coma and will be facing some very difficult days ahead.

Ken Bailey "It's always the aftermath. He doesn't know that his girlfriend is deceased. That's gonna kill him along with what happened. He's got a double edged sword. We gotta just be there for him."

The driver who caused the crash was in jail Thursday night. He has been identified as 21-year-old Jacob Ward of Fresno.

He is facing several charges including murder, felony hit and run and manslaughter.

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