Stores open for Thanksgiving shopping

FRESNO, Calif.

"The same Doorbusters today that we'll have tomorrow," store manager Randee Johnson said.

Old Navy also opened on Thanksgiving. The big advantages to shopping on Thanksgiving day? For Sherri Housely of Madera it's good prices and no crowds.

"That's why we like to come. Beats the sales tomorrow." And you are getting good prices today? "Absolutely, everything is at least 50% off."

Why open on Thanksgiving? "It's like a horserace, and they are jockeying for position."

Bill Rice, a marketing professor at Fresno State says retailer are offering sales now because want to get shoppers in early for the big stuff and hope they will come back for the routine gift items.

"They are strategizing, trying to get primacy. Trying to get inside your head to say, you know what, I want you to come, be with us, once your with us, your familiar, you're connected and you are going to come back," he said.

Rice notes the early sales are for the big ticket electronic items. That's what's behind the line of shoppers camping out at Best Buy. The store doesn't open until 5AM Friday, but the line started forming at 1 a.m. Thursday.

Dylan Picasso says he needs a new video game player, "an X Box. I haven't had a new system since like the PS 2 came out which is like a long time ago."

Jack Fritz was drawn by the discounted computers. "I'm gonna get a laptop and it's 300 dollars off so, I'm very happy," he said

But, did he check the fine print, which said they may only have three in stock?

"If they do, I pray to God these like 7 people ahead of me don't want the same laptop that I do, " he said.

Leather Sharkey of Fresno says she has done this for years and is always one of the first in line staying overnight to get a deal.

"I'm getting a Nook, one of those books that you can go online and get a whole bunch of books, you know. And then I'm getting something for my Mom, but I can't say what it is because last time I did a TV interview she knew exactly what she was getting for Christmas."

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