Selma family narrowly escapes early morning fire

FRESNO, Calif.

Investigators said faulty electrical wiring is the reason this house caught fire. The family who lived here is trying to forget this nightmare and move on.

The early morning fire sent the Little family running from their house with nothing but their pajamas.

"Cell phones, wallets, everything was in the house. I didn't get anything," said fire victim Wayne Little.

Firefighters said by the time they arrived they could do little to stop it from burning the 90-year old structure to the ground.

Several hours later little, his wife and two daughters ages 25 and six found warmth in a Selma motel. The Central Valley Red Cross paid for the family to stay in the motel for three days. Resources were also provided to find a new home. Little said he's never faced anything so difficult.

Little received some financial help from his boss Earnest Hatcher who rented out the house that burned to the ground. He did not want to talk on camera but other employees who worked with little at L&H Manufacturing, a farming company, were shocked.

Childhood friend and work colleague Richard Freeman said: "This is only an eight man shop so everybody's pretty tight knit. Everybody looks out for each other. When I heard what happened I was just blown away."

Another work colleague was staying with the Little family. He was also inside the house at the time of the fire.

Little: "Unscathed not a scratch on us. Horrific fire like that that's a blessing."

A family pet Chihuahua died when the house collapsed. There was also a cat thought to be inside however when our cameras were there we found the blue eyed Siamese cat dirty but alive.

Fire investigators estimate the damage to the house around $100,000. Little had no renter's insurance.

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