Mike Huckabee makes valley visit

FRESNO, Calif.

The former Arkansas Governor looked and sounded like a candidate on Wednesday but he said he hasn't decided whether he'll run again.

Mike Huckabee chatted with supporters who waited in a long line at Sam's Club in north Fresno. They all wanted a signed copy of one of his two books, "A Simple Christmas" and "Can't Wait til Christmas."

When asked if his visit felt like a campaign stop, Huckabee replied, "In some ways it does. So many people are coming through saying, are you going to run for president? I hope you do. So far nobody has said please don't so I guess that's as a good sign."

The book tour was a good way for Huckabee to stay in the public eye.

Betty Jo Giacolome cradled several copies. She hopes Huckabee will run again for president. Giacolome said, "He reminds me of Benjamin Franklin. He has such a depth and breadth of knowledge, a compassion."

Mike Huckabee arrived in a tour bus with his face splashed all over it.

ABC-30 Political Analyst Tony Capozzi said, "It sounds like a campaign stop to me. If he's on a bus with Huckabee written across it's like you're in Iowa."

Capozzi said Huckabee, Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney remain the GOP's strongest candidates right now.

Capozzi said of Huckabee's book tour, "He wouldn't be doing this unless he was testing the waters for the presidency. I don't think there's any doubt in my mind he'll be running."

But Huckabee wasn't ready to commit himself to the race.

Dale Yurong: "Have you set a timetable as to when you'll decide whether you'll run again?

Mike Huckabee: Not a specific timetable. Clearly for me I've got to let 2011 get settled and see where things start shaping up."

Huckabee said January and even February would be too early to make anything official.

One thing Mike Huckabee said he learned from his previous presidential campaign - he said you need a lot more money than you think you do to be effective.

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