Rash of armed robberies in Madera, business on edge

MADERA, Calif.

Between all three robberies, the men made off with nearly $4,000.00 in cash.

Police say the men are dangerous and that if they're not arrested soon, it's likely they will strike again.

"They showed me gun. They just aimed at me, so I just opened my register."

Sucha Deol says the two masked men seen in the surveillance video entered his family's "99 Cent N More" store on Almond Avenue in Madera Monday night and threatened to shoot him and his daughter in law if they didn't give them money.

In the video, you can see one of the men aim a gun at Deol, while the other grabs hundreds of dollars from the register.

Sucha Deol said, "He grabbed all the money from the register and after that, that guy took some candy from there and they ran away outside."

Detectives say the same two men robbed Monty's Liquor on Howard Road just four days earlier.

Surveillance video captured that night shows the men walk in, then look around the store.

Seconds later, one of them pulls out a gun and demands money from both cashiers on duty.

"He's asking for money and he's just saying give me all your money or I'll shoot you"

Bill Kahlon owns the store. He always wears a gun for protection to work, but wasn't on duty at the time.

"They did the right thing, they give them what they can, I'm just glad nobody was hurt. It could have been worse."

The Madera Valley Inn on North G Street was also robbed this week in the exact same manner.

In a still picture of one of the suspects, he happens to be wearing the same red and white shoes in all three cases.

Detective Hector Garibay has watched the surveillance videos closely. He hopes the public will do the same, so police can arrest the two men before their crime spree gets worse.

Hector Garibay said, "Once they get used to getting cash that easily, sometimes they continue until they get caught."

Detectives are following up on some leads, but they still need the public's help.

If you have any information, call Madera Police.

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