Clovis West RB Brock Ready to Take Next Step

Fresno, Calif.

"It's made the target bigger," Brock said. "But it's something I want to take on. That challenge and the risk that comes with it. It's just great."

Golden Eagles head coach Mike Parsons says Brock's value to the top-ranked team in the section is most apparent when he doesn't touch the ball.

"He's hard to stop when they know he's getting the ball," Parsons said. "He opens up the offense for the other running backs as well. So our counters and things off of Kendall's action have definitely helped out other running backs."

Brock's performance has earned him a college scholarship. But much to the chagrin of local football fans, he will not suit up for the hometown Bulldogs next year. Instead, he will head to conference rivals Nevada, a decision about which Brock has openly mixed feelings.

"We came into a few conversations about recruiting but nothing ever serious picked up," said Brock. "It definitely is shocking. You want to have that hometown offer. You want to be the guy that has grown up in Fresno, everyone knows him, and the goes on to succeed at Fresno State. It's weird growing up in Fresno your whole life, idolizing some of the old Bulldog running backs like Ryan Mathews. But then when you're on the field you envision yourself in a Nevada uniform thinking this could be me in a couple years and it's just great."

Coach Parsons says he, and the Nevada coaching staff, see that happening.

"Coach Sacks and Coach Ault love him to death," said Parsons. "They're fired up. They think they've found a diamond in the rough. And they think they might have gotten the best kept secret in California."

But before he signs next February, Brock would like to add a second valley championship to his résumé.

"That would be great," said Brock. "Coming back 40 years from now looking up at the banners saying 2010 Valley champions and TRAC champions. That's something I dream about."

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