Van crash sends Hoover students and coach to hospital

FRESNO, Calif.

The other is in a Modesto hospital and Action News has learned the crash left him in serious condition.

These images taken by Los Banos enterprise photographer Charles guest show the severe impact from this morning's accident along Highway 152 just east of Los Banos. The mangled rental van ended up on its side.

Investigators say they don't know why Hoover assistant basketball coach Michael Mcdonald veered off the road with five of his varsity players on board.

The van hit a power pole before landing on top of a guard rail. "They could have been in danger if they would have made contact with the power lines. But fortunately that didn't happen," California Highway Patrol officer Jesse Lopez said.

Everyone in the van ended up going to the hospital. Senior been Ross' injuries were the worst. Emergency crews air lifted him to a Modesto hospital with massive head trauma.

News of the crash quickly reached the Hoover campus. "Well I heard because one of my friends was actually crying because I guess it was her boyfriend. She told us and well yeah we just heard then we heard that one of the guys girlfriends got, well she left school and she went to the hospital," Rosa Arrellanes said.

At a junior varsity basketball tournament in southeast Fresno, Hoover's name appeared on the bracket for Thursday night's game. But Sunnyside JV coach Cedric Ayers says the patriots were a late scratch so his kids took their place.

"As soon as our game ended against Clovis earlier here, we had got the word that Hoover wasn't going to be able to make it so they just stepped right on up and said hey let's play," Cedric Ayers said.

School administrators will have grief counselors on campus Friday. They hope things will be back to normal as soon as possible.

"Our team will continue to go forward. That the best thing is to get the kids back on he court and back to a normal routine." said Hoover principal Toby Waite.

As for what caused the crash, investigators have ruled out alcohol, but still don't know why McDonald went off the road.

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