Bishop Steinbocks health declining

FRESNO, Calif.

Bishop Steinbock has been undergoing treatment for stage three lung cancer since August. On Saturday, the Catholic Diocese of Fresno announced he may not last more than a few days.

Bishop Steinbock is in critical condition at Saint Agnes Medical Center. News of his declining health has spread quickly.

Now, Catholics all over the Valley are praying for his recovery.

Parishioners attending mass at saint Anthony of Padua Catholic Church in Northwest Fresno Saturday.....were asked to say a special prayer for Bishop John Steinbock.

Jim Briccow says, "There's not a mass or prayer that goes by that he's not a special intention. In fact, it's offered at every service. Has been for some time."

The Catholic Diocese of Fresno says the bishop's physical condition has gradually worsened... and that breathing has become more difficult

The diocese says they believe he may pass in a few days. "Oh, we're sad. He's been helping the church so long. He's sick. I hope he gets better, but it doesn't seem like.....just say our prayers," Steven Chavez said.

Bishop Steinbock has been battling stage three lung cancer since august.

Last month, he was admitted to saint Agnes medical center-- after doctors found blood clots in his right lung and in his legs. His battle with cancer has touched some Catholics in more ways than one.

"Oh, I had cancer too, so I know what he's going through and I wish him the best and he's a precious person to me," Alice Capone said.

Bishop Steinbock oversees 86 parishes throughout Central California. Parishioners say they will continue to pray for a miracle.

"Oh, I think it's very tough because he means so much to everyone and everyone admires him for what he's going through."

Diocese officials say Bishop Steinbock's family is aware of his condition. They have visited him in the hospital. But, at this point, no one from the public is allowed.

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