Valley lawmakers sworn in amid Calf budget crisis


Valley lawmakers Linda Halderman, Henry T. Perea, and David Valadao, will be sworn in and begin dealing with the state budget.

The state faces a projected $25-billion budget hole. Governor Schwarzenegger has called an emergency session with only weeks left in office saying there is no time to waste.

Governor Schwarzenegger wants lawmakers to act immediately on spending cuts he'll outline today. But the majority democrats show little interest in working with Schwarzenegger's ideas and would rather wait for Jerry Brown.

"The smart decision would be to wait for the new governor to come in," said California Assembly Member-Elect Nora Campos (D) San Jose.

"I think it's gonna be, let's make sure anything we do meets the approval of the new governor," said California Assembly Member-Elect (D) Roger Dickinson.

Senate pro tem Darrell Steinberg acknowledges there'll be more deep spending cuts, probably in education and health care, but he also wants to pass on more duties to cities, counties, and schools.

Governor Elect Jerry Brown steps into the spotlight on Wednesday, with a budget summit with lawmakers.

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