Kings Co Supervisor faces sexual assault charges

FRESNO, Calif.

Valle was arrested in September, suspected of sexually assaulting a woman. Now, prosecutors believe Valle raped another woman four years ago.

Richard Valle walked into court unaware criminal charges had been filed against him. It wasn't until he got inside that the Kings County Supervisor was informed he now faces five felony sexual assault charges relating to two different women.

The first four felonies are for sexually assaulting and raping a 24-year-old woman back in September after the two came back to his house in Corcoran to drink alcohol.

According to court paperwork the woman claims she woke up to Valle sexually assaulting her but pretended to still be asleep because she was in shock. The documents claim that later, the woman asked Valle about the sexual encounter and he denied it happened. Corcoran Police say the woman then got a ride from a friend to the police department where she filed a report.

The 5th felony charge Richard Valle is facing stems from an allegation by a second victim who claims the supervisor also raped her.

In the criminal complaint obtained by Action News on Wednesday -- the district attorney's office states the second woman was drugged and raped, between July and October of 2006.

Richard Valle has been a Kings County Supervisor since 2008. Cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom for Wednesday's hearing. A judge has enforced a temporary gag order preventing both parties from talking to the media about the details of the case. Valle's attorney says his client is innocent and did not expect charges to be filed.

Roger Nuttall said, "So this was a surprise to us and a disappointment in that context. Doesn't change the fact Richard continues to assert his innocence respecting the charges."

Valle will be back in court in January where his attorney says he will enter a "not guilty" plea.

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