Bullets, bling, and bottles of drugs seized in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Police discovered a number of stolen items which included several guns, located inside the man's car.

It happened around 6:00 Thursday night at the intersection of Michigan and Del Mar in Central Fresno.

An acquaintance of the suspect called police saying the man tried to sell him a sub-machine gun.

When police tracked the suspect down, they had to take extreme measures to stop him from getting away.

Fresno Police found a massive amount of stolen items literally crammed into the SUV -- including five guns, thousands of illegal prescription pills, and a big screen TV.

Lt. Joseph Gomez said, "Jewelry, just everything you can think of. Very nice arrest. We're gonna clear a lot crimes with this arrest."

The huge bust started from a tip that the 25-year-old suspect tried selling this stolen uzi to someone in this Central Fresno neighborhood.

When police spotted the suspect, they attempted to pull him over. That's when officers say he tried to get away by ramming their vehicles.

"He continued to try and get away," said Gomez. "Another officer pinned him in the front and then he tried to resist arrest, the suspect and he was maced and taken from the car and arrested."

Paramedics wheeled away the suspect who needed minor medical attention after his run-in with police.

The entire episode spooked neighbors who rushed outside to see what was going on.

Nadia Smith said, "I just heard a loud boom boom and I came running out my house to see what it was."

Ruben Rodriguez said, "It's crazy. I mean, people get desperate around Christmas time. It just to show you, people need to watch out."

Police notified one of the victims who showed up at the scene. He didn't want to speak on camera, but told Action News the guns were stolen from his Northeast Fresno home last week.

When he took a look at the suspect, he recognized him, saying the man is his former mechanic and friend.

Meanwhile, police say it's possible the suspect is wanted for other burglaries in the Northeast Fresno area, including a pharmacy.

"Well, we'll try and turn it over to the victims if we can find them, most of it will booked into evidence and then as we sort through it, we'll give it back to the victims," said Gomez.

Police have not released the name of the suspect. They fear, because of overcrowding, he could be out of jail within the next few hours.

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