FUSD computer problems frustrates parents

FRESNO, California

But that program called "Atlas" has yet to get off the ground, upsetting people "in and out" of the classroom.

The program should have been available to parents this school year. But administrators say it won't be rolled out to all schools for another six weeks. Some parents say in the meantime their children are slipping through the cracks.

Sheila Sims says after her son lost his progress report she called his teachers at Tenaya Middle School to get his grades. "When I found out he was failing in every class I was so upset that no teacher called me."

Last year she would have been able to check his grades, attendance and assignments online. But that program was canceled and replaced with the district's own pilot program called Atlas. We talked with nearly half a dozen parents who are upset they can't go any further online than this red error message.

"There is no Atlas there is no program to go online to check their grades," said Sims.

District Superintendent Mike Hanson says there have been problems with implementing the massive software roll out -- saying the district has a new team for the project and is retraining personnel.

Teachers have also voiced frustrations saying they have lost a vital tool and connection with parents. There is even a teacher driven Facebook page -- called FUSD Teachers against Atlas.

As for Sims, the school year is long from over for her son. "I was told through the Christmas break he will be able to make it up and take care of this. But this never should have happened."

Superintendent Hanson says it could take nearly 18 weeks to work all of the bugs out of the system. Until then parents will continue to receive progress reports and are encouraged to communicate concerns with their child's teachers.

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