Fresno investigators say shooting was justified

FRESNO, Calif.

The attempted robbery happened at Play-N-Trade on Brawley at Clinton in West Central Fresno Saturday night around 11:30. The body of the unidentified suspect was found about a mile away at Sussex Way and Milburn Ave.

Police said the video store owner was justified. This video game store was closing up for the night when three armed suspects forced their way inside.

After pushing some employees to the ground an owner took out his gun and fired one shot hitting a suspect. Three men in their late teens, armed with hand guns, attempted to rob this Play-N-Trade video game store in West Central Fresno late Saturday night.

"The business owner was confronted by a very violent situation and took the appropriate steps in their mind," Lt. Mark Salazar said.

Salazar said the owner shot and critically wounded one teen. All three would-be robbers took off to a nearby neighborhood and drove away in a car. "About twenty minutes later we get a call of a suspect who is a victim of a shooting in a neighborhood Northwest of here about a mile and a half."

The suspect was found dead here at Milburn and Sussex. The two scenes were quickly linked together. Detectives are looking through surveillance video but nothing useful has turned up in their investigation.

Business owners near Play-N-Trade said the owner is a nice man. "When we see each other he's a normal person that says good morning or good afternoon," Ofelia Valdovinos said.

Valdovinos said she saw some suspicious men outside before closing time Saturday night.

Valdovinos: "To me it was suspicious because they were hanging out here and then they took off and I hardly ever see people just hanging out right here in this area."

There is a Wells Fargo a-t-m next door.

Gilberto Martinez said this attempted robbery will make him even more careful next time he shows up to withdraw money. "I saw last night the safety cords by my house and knew something was going on over here. I knew there were a lot of police officers and I heard the helicopter earlier," said Martinez.

Still looking for two suspects. If you have any info call Fresno police. Investigators are also checking to see if this attempted robbery is connected to any other robberies in the area.

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