Search for robbery suspects in Madera County

FRESNO, Calif.

The Madera Family Mart was hit on December 3rd. Surveillance images caught there offer a clear photo of one of the suspects. Copies of the images have now been placed throughout the county in hopes someone will recognize him.

The surveillance video shows two men running into the mini mart. One is shown pointing a gun straight at the cashier. At one point, the man with the gun appears to smile and looks directly at the security camera. Fortunately, the clerk on duty wasn't hurt. "They asked him for money, they showed him the gun ... He said, okay, take it," said coworker Sunny Singh.

The suspects got away with cash and even swiped a candy bar before leaving. They also took candy during an earlier robbery at a Madera 99 Cents store. Sucha Doel says one man pointed a gun at him while the other grabbed money from the register. "He took that money and he grabbed more, as much as he could with his hands. The other man just aimed at me from here," said Doel.

Madera police believe the two suspects are also responsible for two other Madera robberies. While they've all happened in the city, the Madera County Sheriff's Department is taking action as well. Wednesday, citizen volunteers visited businesses in the county, urging clerks to be on the lookout for the two men. "The concern is its going to go beyond. We don't even know if they're from around here. And the concern is based on where they're hitting and when. What's next? Merced? Fresno? The outlying areas of Madera County? We just want to help police catch these guys," said Madera County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Erica Stuart.

Both authorities and store clerks are optimistic the images will lead to an arrest. Madera Police said they are following up on a few leads.

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