Company donates heating system to Fresno grandmother

FRESNO, Calif.

81-year-old Norvell Hill has longed for the basic comforts of home. She explained, "This time of year it's cold and no fire."

Hill had been relying on portable heaters donated by the Economic Opportunities Commission to keep warm. "My heater went down, everything else for heating went down except my cook stove."

But the woman lovingly referred to as "Grandma Norvell" watched workers install a brand new heater for free on Friday.

Valley Air Conditioning and Repair has often held food or clothing drives during the holidays.

Service Manager Simon De La Cerda said, "This year we decided to do something different and donate something that someone could really, really use."

Grandma Norvell was nominated by the EOC for her volunteer work with the Holy Cross Center for Women. She cares for the kids of homeless and at-risk mothers.

Norvell said, "It's a good place to go take care of babies and help mothers out with their babies and what have you."

Norvell was selected out of over 100 nominees in need. EOC Foster Grandparent Program Manager Victoria lopes said, "It's very much a privilege to able to be of service to her. Grandma doesn't ask for things or complain about things."

Grandma Norvell is too busy worrying about others. She was grateful someone cared enough to make her home of 26 years warm and comfortable.

Norvell said she's ready to enjoy her new heater during the holidays. "Really appreciate you all to the highest because this is a bad part of the year to be without a heater. I thank you all for being so kind and so nice."

Lopes added, "We are just very grateful for that and so happy that grandma Norvell is safe and warm."

Norvell was very appreciative of the installation. "I thank God for the heater."

This heart-warming story, however, would take a heart-breaking turn. We learned Norvell Hill's oldest son had collapsed at church. Unfortunately, he passed away.

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