Preventing rain damage in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Early Saturday----city workers removed the tree---making the road accessible for drivers.

Crews also found themselves clearing out several flooded areas like this one at Cornelia and Andrews in Fresno County. Fresno's public works director, Patrick Wiemiller admits his department has been busy.

He says they've managed to avoid any major weather-related damage so far by doing a lot of the work ahead of time.

"The past couple of weeks, our crews have been out, in addition to the regular duties, have spent some time clearing out storm inlets, testing pumps in critical areas and overall just getting ready for the storm that would be coming our way," Patrick Wiemiller said.

Action News viewer, Lydia Saldana of North Fork sent us these pictures----showing a nearby creek overflowing---and flooding into her backyard.

Saldana says she's worried----about what might happen over the next several days.

Storm Warn thirty predicts rain totals could reach as much as three inches by Monday Valley wide.

"Well, my concerns are that the flooding will reach up to our house, which we're still about five feet higher that where it's at right now, but of course, you never know with the severity of the rain," Lydia Saldana said.

In Clovis, homeowners wanting to avoid such a scare picked up sandbags at the city corporation yard. By midday Saturday 50 cars had already driven through.

Fresno Ag Hardware in Northeast Fresno was jam packed with people buying sandbags and other severe weather products.

"We're not used to this type of storm 7 straight days of rain off and on we haven't had a week like this in 5 to 10 years," John Letlow said.

If you live in Fresno--the city is not providing sandbags...

But you can call 621-CITY to report flooding or any other weather damage.

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