Oprah vacations in Fiji after Australia tour

SUVA, Fiji

Though tourism in Fiji remains active, relations with other countries have been strained by the lack of democracy since a December 2006 military coup.

The U.S. State Department has warned Americans to carefully consider the risks of travel to Fiji and to be vigilant while there. During a visit to Australia last month, Secretary of State /*Hillary Rodham Clinton*/ called for democracy to be restored in Fiji and for political freedoms to advance.

Still, celebrities have continued to vacation there. /*Keith Richards*/ of the /*Rolling Stones*/ fell from a tree at the Wakaya Club in 2006 and was rushed to New Zealand for brain surgery.

Winfrey just concluded an eight-day trip to Australia with audience members. The talk show host and fans experienced the Great Barrier Reef and the rugged Outback before two shows taped outside the Sydney Opera House.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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