Last-minute shoppers hit Fresno stores

FRESNO, Calif.

As of Wednesday most people had either finished their holiday shopping or were halfway done with it according to an exclusive Action News poll conducted by Survey USA.

Then you have your procrastinators. 6 percent had just started shopping and 7 percent hadn't even started yet.

Those are the people in places like Fresno's River Park Shopping Center right now.

The Target at River Park opened an hour early Friday morning, and it stayed open until 8 p.m. for all the true procrastinators.

But shoppers Action News spoke with said many stores were not nearly as busy as they expected.

Several shoppers hit the toy aisles at target looking for last minute gifts for their little ones. Ben Hernandez browsed for some extra presents for his 3-year-old daughter and told Action News he often waits until Christmas Eve to finish his holiday shopping.

"My wife doesn't typically do it, but I do. So yeah." "Is it a guy thing?" a reporter asked. "I think so, yeah," Hernandez said.

But we did find plenty of women who also admit to procrastinating. "I do, I do and every year I say I'm gonna do it early, but it never happens like that," Tonya Gomez said.

Target assistant manager Danny Abell says the store didn't offer any special Christmas eve sales, just the ones that have been available all week. And he says there's still plenty of stock despite solid holiday sales.

"We've sold a lot of toys this year, toys have been huge. Clothes have done quite well, and any type electronics at this point are great gifts and people are buying them up." Abell says this Christmas Eve seems a bit busier than recent years, but shoppers were pleasantly surprised by the lack of crazy crowds.

"I've been to a couple other stores, and they haven't been as busy as the normal Christmas, so it really surprised me," Pam Nielsen said.

"Was very much expecting a crowd, not only in the store, but in the parking lot, which we found a space immediately for a patient person like myself, that was a wonderful thing," John Moore said.

Parking posed much greater challenges at Fashion Fair Mall, where stores were considerably more crowded. But Manchester Center only had one long line, the one to see Santa. So now Saint Nick may need to pick up some last minute gifts of his own.

Manchester Center and Fashion Fair Mall both closed at 6 p.m. But again, Target will stay open until 8 p.m.

It will open again Sunday morning which is expected to be a big day for returns.

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