Fresno teacher testifies in his own sex crimes trial

FRESNO, Calif.

Malcolm admitted to sexual contact with one of his students after she graduated but before she turned 18. He wrote apologies to that girl and two others -- even admitting to one of them that he, in his words -- "made a mess out of her childhood". But his attorney says the charges are exaggerated.

Jonathan Malcolm says he's been wracked with guilt for most of the last two years. "There are many times I can look back at my conduct and regret it."

The former teacher took the stand in his trial for sex crimes and told jurors about the 17-year-old former student with whom he had an affair. After she spent months as his teacher's assistant at University High School, she came to visit him at his home.

"One thing led to another and we were kissing on the couch -- making out, whatever you want to call it," Malcolm said. "From there, I believe we moved to the guest bedroom."

Malcolm admits to a sexual relationship with that girl -- known in court as Jane Doe One. But he's also charged with distributing lewd material to a minor for sending explicit text messages to two other students -- Jane Does Two and Three. Malcolm admits to making sexually explicit comments to both girls, and sending disturbing images to one. But his attorney argues the charges require intent on Malcolm's part to have sexual contact with the girls.

"Did you feel the nature of your conversations suggested you wanted to have sex with them?" asked defense attorney Roger Nuttall.

"No," said Malcolm. "I don't think that was the case."

Malcolm says remorse over what happened with Jane Doe One kept him from pursuing the other two girls as intensely.

Malcolm's wife has sat through all the testimony. She's standing by his side, hoping to work things out despite his infidelity. He'll be back on the stand Tuesday.

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