East Coast weather, Central Valley traveler headache

FRESNO, Calif.

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However once passengers get to their connecting flights they are running into trouble caused by the horrific weather conditions on the East coast.

Pat Anderson arrived in Fresno Monday afternoon after two straight days of air travel. "We left Moline, Illinois yesterday at 6:30 which was two hours later than what we were supposed to because they didn't have a crew," she said.

That crew was traveling from the Northeast where airports continue to face long delays and closures.

Anderson added: "I'm 14 hours late seeing my only child out here."

The Action News Facebook fan page filled up with comments from viewers. Melissa Townsend posted that her grandmother was delayed into F.Y.I. from Phoenix because of dense fog. We found her waiting nervously outside the arrival gate.

Townsend said: "Having to sit there for so long and then her bones, you know because she's older. I think maybe she's anxiously waiting to get here and get off that flight."

Several Valley passengers decided they could not wait for a new departure time so they purchased rental cars.

JD Phillips is a car rental sales agent at Dollar and said, "I have to get to a certain place. I have to get here. So they have to come to the rental car agencies, end up spending an extra $200, $300 that they weren't planning on spending just to get to a location so they can catch another flight."

The snow and ice along the East coast is impacting what happens on this ice where the Fresno Monsters hockey team practices.

Head Coach Eric Ballard said: "We kind of looked at the weather channel prior to but we figured it might blow over."

Ballard has four star players stuck in Boston and New York. Their next big game is in Washington in four days. Coach said, "They might have to fly into Seattle. We might have to pick them up on the way. Just a lot of logistics going on right now."

Airport officials want to remind everyone to contact their airline before heading to the airport to learn of any delays or troubles.

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