Fresno leads in the fight against hunger

FRESNO, Calif.

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Right now Fresno is more than 200-thousand votes ahead of the competition, but determined supporters of the cause vow to keep "liking" until the very last minute.

Armed with laptop computers and lots of determination -- a small group of valley Facebookers gathered at the Laundry Room clothing store at Palm and Nees Wednesday to show their love for Fresno.

"Today has been incredible," said Falina Mariheart. "We started at 6 am and right now we are a 100-thousand more likes."

The goal -- to get as many people on Facebook liking, commenting and sharing Fresno's link on Walmart's fighting hunger together campaign. The winning city gets $1 million to feed the hungry.

"I went down to tent city on Christmas Eve and was surprised to see over 40 kids there and that was pretty sad for me," said Toby Byers. "Just to be able to pass out food and blankets to them really encouraged me to -- okay a million bucks can get $8 million for them so lets push this, lets get this done."

Susanne Waite has been working for the cause almost nonstop since Sunday night-- when Fresno's closest competitor unexpectedly took the lead.

"Woke up the next morning and they had passed us by 10-thousand votes and I'm like 'Are you kidding me? What's going?!' so then I knew I had to get really involved in the fight," said Waite.

She and a small army of supporters on Facebook have been voting, strategizing and encouraging others to vote.

"This is a community thing," said Waite. "Fresno feeds the world -- we should be feeding Fresno. No one should go hungry."

Waite estimates she's voted at least a few thousand times in the last couple of days. She's gotten her co-workers on board, and even plans to start handing out flyers.

While hold up a flyer Waite said, "I'm putting this on my car windows and I encourage other people to put this on their car windows -- it's only for 2 days!"

But even though Fresno has widened the gap by about 200,000 votes -- Waite has no plans of slowing down.

"I'm not going to underestimate the competition. They are still fighting; they are going to fight til the last minute -- we have to fight til the last minute. I went to bed with my iPhone last night hitting like, like, like. In bed, it's kind of become obsessive."

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