Help Fresno retake the lead in the fight against hunger

FRESNO, Calif.

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The retail giant will give $1,000,000 to the city with the most votes and many Fresnan's are doing their part to try and get us back to number one.

Anthony Gonzales spent a lot of time on his phone Thursday night. "We're all down at Iron Bird; we're banging away on our laptops. I need you to call me back." said Gonzales.

Gonzales is part of a local cycling group that's making calls, texting and going online getting people to vote on the internet.

Over the holidays they donated blankets to homeless people living in encampments in downtown Fresno. But now they want to do more.

"I was out there at tent city and from the looks of the people that are out on the streets who need it really bad." said Gonzales.

Community Food Bank Programs Director Dayatra Latin spent part of the night voting on her laptop in northwest Fresno. She says $1,000,000 could buy $8,000,000 worth of food for the needy.

"There's 245,000 people in our area that needs our services and so working together is the best way to make a difference for so many people." said Latin.

The Food Bank would be of a handful of non-profit organizations to receive the money. And as long as Fresno comes in sixth -- at least a hundred thousand dollars will be on its way to the Central Valley.

Latin says either way Fresno wins. "The thing I've appreciated the most is this new found camaraderie against -- with strangers who've all come together for one common cause and that's to make difference in the life of someone else."

But the contest isn't over for these guys just yet. The group here at the Iron Bird Cafe will be back Friday gathering support and offering help to anyone wanting to participate.

"It's like a race. We're all passing the baton around. We're all helping one another." added Gonzales.

This see-saw battle between Fresno and Salt Lake City has been an emotional rollercoaster for many people. And there's also been some speculation of foul play in terms of how the votes are being counted.

A representative from Walmart tells Action News they are watching the voting process closely and won't allow any cheating to take place.

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