Many in the Valley make New Year's Resolutions

FRESNO, Calif.

Our exclusive Action News Poll Conducted By SurveyUSA shows people seem to be split almost evenly when it comes to New Year's resolutions.

50 percent said they will make a resolution.

47 percent said they will not.

After working up a sweat on the dance floor for New Years Eve, New Year's resolutions will send many to local gyms looking to sweat off the pounds.

"We've all done it. This is the year. I'm going to lose 25 pounds we've all done it," said Sean Clinton of Fresno.

"I made some from 2010 and stuck to them," said Eric Attoian of Fresno

Many people start working out as a resolution only to give it up because they are unsure of how to lose the weight, and keep it off. GB3 health club general manager Sean Clinton suggests a personal trainer or a buddy. "We try to make them feel comfortable train them get on a workout program they can stick with once a week."

According to an exclusive Action News SurveyUSA poll, 36 percent of those polled are making a resolution to lose weight -- that's followed by saving money, giving up smoking and paying off debt.

"They are very leery about finances things going on in the economy and they want to take better control of personal finances," said ABC Financial Analyst Sandy Brown.

Brown says many of his clients are concerned with debt and savings. To start digging your way out of a financial hole brown says first you need to have a plan. "You want to look at the amount of debt you have interest rates you have... look at how you can make cuts in your budget to pay down debt."

Experts say the key is to get started, then you have to continue to set new goals throughout the year.

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