Jerry Brown returns to lead a troubled California


A special reception began at 4 p.m. Monday afternoon at the California Rail Museum in Sacramento.

Brown is returning to the office he left 28-years ago, but this time around, he's inherited much more trouble.

People often ask why anyone would want to run a state plagued with so many problems. But Jerry Brown assured everyone he wanted the job as California's 39th Governor.

California is much different than when he left it nearly three decades ago with much of Sacramento today mired in gridlock and partisanship, especially over the budget. The Democrat, though, vowed to forge a new way.

"There's no other way forward. In this crisis, we simply have to learn to work together as Californians first; members of a political party second."

The new Governor also referenced his family, speaking of the hardships they endured generations ago, to come to California. The 72-year-old singled out his aunt, Connie Carlson, who'll be 99-years-old this year. "By the way, those hankering after my job, it may be a while. So relax! God willing, the genes are good!"

All kidding aside, Brown thinks his family's pioneering spirit is still alive today, and that will help move California out of this recession. "California, here I come -- right back where I started from. Thank you! Thank you!"

Governor Brown attended a labor union's inaugural reception outside the Capitol, one of many around the Capitol. And in keeping with his frugal nature -- only hot dogs, chips and water were served.

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