Crews scramble to clean up storm damage

FRESNO, Calif.

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At the intersection of Palo Alto and Milburn, crews have been working all day to fix a large pothole on Santa Fe -- and this is just one of many problems for the city.

A large pothole roughly eight-inches deep and two-feet wide is marked by safety cones on Santa Fe in Northwest Fresno. Damage to the road prompted city officials to block off part of the street at Palo Alto. Drivers like Scott Malony were left to figure out a different way to get home.

"I guess I'm going to go to Herndon and then back down south, uhh either Van Ness or Marks."

Malony just finished up a trip to the vet with his dog and says driving in these recent storms has been a challenge.

"Potholes, run into a few. Some crazy drivers they need to slow down a little bit."

City crews will be busy over the next few days taking care of pot holes and other problems like flooded streets.

Bob Van Wyk is the general manager at the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District. He's been busy making sure excess water from the storm ends up in one of 150 ponding basins and not in resident's homes. "We've had a number of people out since early December that have worked during odd hours of the day, long hours each day and to keep water moving."

The ponding basins however are not all built the same way. An area in Northeast Fresno is one of about two dozen ponding basins that open up as a park in the summer.

"That's the turf, trees, sprinkler systems and in many cases playground equipment. People can go in play soccer, baseball that sort of thing."

Each park is sunken into the ground about ten feet to prevent any collected water from endangering nearby homes. So far there have been no reports of flooding by the surrounding residents at these hybrid ponding basins.

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