Driving dangers in fog

FRESNO, Calif.

One driver Action News spoke with says she's more cautious in the fog than she is in rain or snow. With the fog laying low across the valley driving through the haze can be challenging.

"Can't see where you're going. So you have to drive really slow." said Geri Ramirez of Kingsburg.

Ramirez is gassing up her truck so she can head to work in Corcoran. To get there she'll have to avoid some tough areas. "Well the dairies cause a lot more of the fog you know and it's a lot more thicker in those areas so of course you know and the rural areas out in the country." added Ramirez.

Several Fresno County drivers got a harsh lesson in the dangers of driving in the fog Wednesday morning. A delivery truck ran a red light at highway 180 and McCall, causing this six-car pileup. The CHP says the fog definitely played a role in the crash.

"I looked in the rear view mirror, saw this truck coming, looked to my son an said hold on. And the next thing we knew, it was like a roller coaster ride up in the air," said accident victim Nick Schuman.

"We were just sitting there and then it was just like, crash everybody crashed into each other." said accident victim Bridgett Ackman.

Fortunately no one was seriously hurt in the crash. But whether it's out in the county or in an urban area, authorities say never underestimate the foggy conditions.

"Just because the speed limit says 40, doesn't make that the speed limit in the fog. The safe condition could be 30 miles per hour and you could get a ticket even though you're going the posted speed limit." said Capt. Andy Hall of the Fresno Police Dept.

Police say a big mistake drivers often make is not budgeting extra time. And failing to slow down in the fog can lead to unexpected accidents like we've seen.

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