San Bernardino parents, son killed by downed power lines

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. The victims were identified as Steven Vego, 44, Sharon Vego, 43, and Jonathan Cole, 21.

According to the fire department, Steven Vego heard a "pop," and saw there was a fire in his backyard.

He went out to douse it and unknowingly stepped on a downed power line. He was electrocuted, and his wife also became a victim when she tried to rescue him. Their son also fell victim when he tried to save his parents.

Steven Vego's brother, Frank Vego, said this has happened before and should have been prevented.

"This is the second time those lines have fell on my brothers house, the second time it caused fires in my brothers house, this time it killed his family and him, I'd like to know why those wires fell and killed my family," said Frank Vego.

Southern California Edison was not able to confirm that the power lines have gone down in Vego's back yard once before.

As San Bernardnio police continue to investigate, some think the wind caused the power lines to fall. The National Weather Service said some gusts could reach 50 mph in the area on Friday.

Police say two children, a 10-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl, were inside the home at the time. They both survived and have been relocated with family members.

Southern California Edison is trying to figure out what exactly caused the fall.

"Our thoughts and prayers go out not only to the family members, but the neighbors here who are obviously close to the family. Words can't express the tragedy that's taken place today," said Steven Conroy with SCE.

The utility said say 150 customers were without power and did not know how long it would be until power was restored.

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