Orosi man won $32 million in Super Lotto

FRESNO, Calif.

At this point, the winner wants to remain anonymous. But, the store owner tells Action News--he is a family man in his 40's, lives and works in Orosi, and buys a lottery ticket from the store nearly every day.

As for the store owner----he gets to keep a small percentage of that $32-million prize.

Sunday is usually a busy day at the Kwik Korner Market in Orosi. But, Sunday business was booming.

News in this Tulare County town of 8,000 people spread quickly that a local man bought a $32 million lottery ticket here Saturday afternoon.

"I'm just excited. I'm really really happy for the owner and for the community I think it's great."

Oscar Gonzalez is one of several customers who came to congratulate the store's owner Lavh Sidhu. Sidhu was working Saturday when he sold one of his regular customers the winning ticket.

Now, he gets to keep one-half percent of the $32 million prize---which equals out to $160,000. "I'm feeling good. Very very good. Relaxed. Relaxed? Yeah, yeah. Ha."

Sidhu found out about the ticket early Sunday morning. His friend, who owns a store in Kingsburg called telling him someone in Orosi had won.

Sidhu's daughter checked online and discovered where the ticket was sold. "I just sat there for a minute and was like is this real right now? And I called my dad, and he was just speechless."

In a town hard hit by the economy where the average household income is $30,000 it's no wonder why everyone is in a celebratory mood.

Signs posted in and out of the store are now constant reminders of the instant success.

It already has some family members planning their next move. "Shopping! I was like yay, we get the money too! I just couldn't believe it!"

The store owner says he has never sold a winning ticket before. He plans on using the money to open a new store in Oakhurst.

As for the winner, a lottery official Action News spoke to says because of the holiday weekend, he can't come forward until Tuesday.

And if he chooses a cash option, he will receive $19.1 million.

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