Police: Visalia shooting victim was target of gang

FRESNO, Calif.

Visalia police say the victim was wearing a red and black-checkered jacket the night he was fatally shot, and while that could have made him somewhat of a target by these two gang members, right now they can't find any reason as to why the suspects would want to kill him.

A memorial at Prospect and Conyer streets continues to grow. The candles and flowers are set up near where 24-year-old Roger Weinert -- or "Bo" as friends and family members called him-- was shot and killed.

Police believe the shooting was completely random and that the two suspects arrested over the weekend -- Miguel and Daniel Muniz -- were just looking for someone to kill.

"That these individuals were driving around the city of Visalia looking for a target they found a young man walking down the street and they targeted him," Officer Corey Sumpter said.

Officer Corey Sumpter says a thorough investigation found Weinert had no ties to gangs. The two brothers arrested for killing him are validated south side kings gang members. Officers say it's possible Roger Weinert's clothing that night could have made him an unsuspecting target.

"He was wearing a red and black checkered. Pendleton jacket it wasn't blatant gang colors or anything like that our investigation shows that the victim had no ties to gang activity," Sumpter said.

Over the weekend family members laid Bo Weinert to rest. They continue to light candles near the corner where he died.

Close friend Ronnie Mesa stopped by the memorial wearing a commemorative t-shirt in his honor.

He says the arrests brought some comfort to Weinert's family.

"It's good feels safer in the streets and just better for the family actually some closure now just I mean the family they're happy now of course they're not happy but just the fact these guys aren't on the streets anymore and let them get what they deserve," Mesa said.

Police are crediting the community for coming forward with information that lead to the arrest of the suspects.

The suspects are facing first degree murder and other gang-related charges.

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