Fresno Art Museum: The Human Touch Exhibit

FRESNO, California

In January of 2011 it is a different story. We watched as a small army of volunteers and staff went to work preparing three new exhibits and then headed to the galleries where another new exhibit , 'The Human Touch'. The museum's director, Linda Cano explained its appeal, "The diversity fits the diverse cultural and ethnic richness that we have right here in our valley. So we're very happy to bring it here."

The collection is owned by a financial company ... RBC wealth management and is presented at no cost to the museum. A plus that allows the non-profit's resources to spread farther she added, "It's really a combination of community members, trustees and committed staff. It's an amazing outpouring of support."

Kurt Zumwalt had a membership to visit the museum but last year joined the Board of Trustees working to insure its survival. His firm provided the scaffolding to hang one of the new exhibits from the ceiling, "As a construction company I have the ability to help out the museum in those ways. This is wonderful museum, a wonderful museum and I'm just tickled to support it in this way."

The human touch is present here in more than just the current artwork. And that says Linda Cano is one reason it is coming back from the brink it of a year ago, "There's something here for everybody. It's a good time to come the museum."

On January 21st you can take your own tour of The Human Touch and three additional new offerings at the Fresno Art Museum.

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