Kingsburg's Steele still waiting for golden offer


"I was kinda nervous going into that play, but we were always thinking we could do it," Steele said. "So I just kinda bought myself some time and rolled around."

And he connected for the game-winning touchdown. The YouTube clip has been seen over 135,000 times. It helped Steele earn Cal-Hi Medium Schools State Player of the Year honors.

But he's earned zero offers to play at any major colleges. Vikings head coach Dave Steele, who's also Garrett's uncle, doesn't understand it.

"I think some of them have been they don't know where to put him," said Dave Steele. "And my answer to that: It doesn't matter. Just get him on the team and you're gonna find out. To me I have no doubt no matter where and what position he plays he's gonna be the best there is to do it."

Garrett Steele has only one offer to play football in college, from Sacramento State.

"Sac State is not a bad school," Garrett Steele said. "I'd be happy to go there."

But it's not a Division One school either. He runs a 4.5 40-yard dash, and accounted for a whopping 49 touchdowns this past season. His grades are high as well.

"Right now I've got a 3.5," said Garrett Steele. "And it's been a steady 3.5 throughout my high school career."

Making his lack of scholarship offers all the more perplexing. With signing day around the corner, the Steele's are holding out hope for a better offer.

"I think he's a Pac-10 kid," said Dave Steele. "I think he's a Mountain West or a WAC kid. I think he can play at any of those levels."

"I'm just hoping to put it right back in their face and say ok, you guys didn't recruit me," said Garrett Steele. "I'm happy to be at this school. It's not bad for me and it's kind of back on you."

Garrett says he'd love to suit up at Fresno State this fall, but so far no offer has come. But even if he ends up north in Sacramento, he insists he'll make the most of his chance at the next level.

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