Tastiest Hot Cocoa

FRESNO, Calif.

Of course, you don't have to be a kid or even a talented ice skater to love hot cocoa.

Consumer reports tested cocoas from names like Ghirardelli and Godiva to classics like Hershey's and Swiss Miss and even an organic one from Dagoba.

To test, consumer reports served up cocoa to its trained panelists.

"Testers looked at nutrition and calories. But really, if you're having it as a special treat, you'll want it to be full bodied and have a high-quality chocolate flavor, and this may mean more calories."

Stephen's Dark Chocolate Cocoa was the lowest rated - not exactly what you'd call a treat.

"It was thin and grayish and it had an artificial chocolate flavor," Amy Keating said.

But testers did find several that will curb a cocoa craving. The best by far - Godiva's Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa.

"It was full and flavorful, with an intense cocoa and chocolate flavor. It had roasted notes and even a slight vanilla note," Keating said.

Also very good and a bit less expensive - Hershey's Favorite Hot Cocoa Recipe, which has a mild chocolate and slight vanilla and malt flavors. Or Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Sensation Cocoa - for those who prefer a darker chocolate flavor.

Also worth a try - the Ghirardelli Cocoa and the Dagoba Organic Hot Cocoa. Both rated very good in consumer reports' taste tests.

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