Fog affects travelers all over the Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

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UPDATE: 9 Delays and no cancellations out of FYI Monday Morning
Check with your airline for details
Becky Huber of Hanford arrived at Fresno Yosemite International Airport Sunday -- six hours later than she planned. Heavy fog delayed her Ohio bound flight from 6:30 in the morning until noon. "Well, it gets me back east in Ohio at a later time. I was supposed to arrive at four and now I'm going to arrive at ten so the people that are picking me up, they work the next day, so it makes it a little harder on them."

By lunchtime, the airlines had delayed seven departing flights and cancelled four. Planes heading into Fresno didn't fare much better with another four delays and one cancellation.

Valley drivers dealt with delays of their own Sunday. At Highway 180 near Locan in Southeast Fresno Fog still blanketed much of the roadway around 11:00 a.m.

Meng Lee of Fresno was in the thick of it. He was driving along 168 when a California Highway Patrol vehicle started pacing drivers. "Super foggy. You can't even see probably like 20 yards in front of you."

Fog likely played a role in an early morning accident on Hayes and Veteran near Herndon in Northwest Fresno. A 26-year-old Fresno man died when he crashed his car into a brick wall.

CHP Officer Mark McWilliams says drivers need to remember the basics when traveling in dense fog. "So we got to try to remind the public to keep their headlights on, low beams only, and slow down, you really have to increase that following distance. Those are key factors."

In Northwest Fresno, the fog affected golfers at San Joaquin Country Club. Ryan Williams of Fresno tried to work on his game, but was forced to practice his swing instead. "We were gonna play, but you can't really see the golf ball too well."

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