Nursing job fair held in Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Thirty-one people were at the fair. That might not sound like much. But, the company who put it on says they invited people with experience and that the turnout was exactly what they were hoping for.

With more than twenty years of nursing experience, Katherine Taft of Three Rivers says she still has trouble finding a full time job.

"I am currently registered with a temporary agency registry and not getting a lot of work right now," Katherine Taft said.

In fact, most weeks Taft only works a handful of hours.

She was one of about 30 people Saturday invited to attend a job fair at the Fresno Exhibit Hall.

Mediscan Staffing Services, a company based near Los Angeles, put on the all day affair.

Their job is to supply medical staffers to various businesses and government run programs--including prisons and jails.

It's a field representatives with the company say is growing.

"A good candidate will always stay working in the medical field. If you're good, there will be no reason for you not to work," Darrin Carey said.

It's a rare glimmer of hope in the Central Valley where unemployment numbers are on the rise.

December statistics from the Labor Department show Merced is the Valley county with the highest rate 20.1 percent.

Mariposa's unemployment rate jumped to nearly 14 percent and in Fresno County the rate now sits at 17.2 percent.

Employment experts say finding work through a job placement agency like Mediscan is a good start; one these candidates hope will lead to something more permanent.

"There is a lot of opportunities for people with experience, not so much for new grads, so we want to get as much experience where we can get it," Christine Raygoza said.

Mediscan holds two job fairs a year.

They prefer a smaller setting so they can spend one-on-one time with each candidate.

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