Oakhurst teacher back on job

FRESNO, Calif.

Elaine Brown was removed from her classroom in November. Her story drew national attention. Brown appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America"

On Monday Brown said she was ready to move forward in a positive way.

Elaine Brown couldn't stop smiling as she was reunited with her second graders at Oakhurst Elementary. Brown worried she wouldn't be able to come back. She said, "It's been one of the best days of my life. It's just been wonderful. I walked through the door and they just rushed me and almost pulled me down. It was just beautiful."

District officials said Brown violated the school's privacy policy by talking to parents and law enforcement about a bully in her classroom.

A private investigator last week though found she had done nothing wrong.

During a meeting with District Superintendent Glenn Reid Monday morning, Brown said both sides agreed this was a time of healing.

"They gave me a list of things that they made sure they wanted me to follow in the future and there was a letter of reprimand which I am going to agree to disagree with on some things. But other than that it was really positive thing. They gave me the key to come back to the classroom," Brown said.

Superintendent Reid stated "One of our next steps will be providing training for teachers and staff on how best to talk children through conflicts that occur and resolve any bullying issues, should they arise."

Some in the Oakhurst community though sensed a division over Brown's treatment.

"I think there was to a certain extent but she did the right thing. She was telling the truth about somebody and she gets in trouble which I thought was ridiculous," Pete Garachana said.

But even some of Brown's fellow teachers felt the disciplinary action was warranted. Brown explained, "I know it's going to be probably difficult for everyone's concerned but again I just wanted to go in and be who I was before this all happened."

Elaine Brown was surprised by all the national attention. She said the bullying issue just seems to strike a nerve around the country.

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