Corcoran teen makes the shot of the century

FRESNO, Calif.

The third quarter buzzer beater sent the small crowd into frenzy. The crowd inside the gym went crazy.

People who witnessed the shot say it was unlike anything they've ever seen.

The YouTube clip of an amazing three-pointer is the talk of the town in Corcoran.

Thursday night, in their game against Strathmore, Corcoran High School junior, Marvin Le Fridge rebounded the ball, launched it across the court, and made this unbelievable 90 foot shot right before the third quarter buzzer.

Marvin Le Fridge said, "At first, I was just like in shock, but then I took a couple steps and started jumping around."

Joining Marvin for the on-court celebration, were his Panthers teammates, who are still dazed and amazed by what they saw.

Christian Carter said, "Normally, I don't look to see where the ball goes, cause like who's going to make a shot like that? But this one I followed all the way and it was like swish. It didn't even hit the back board."

Freshman, Chris Navarro followed the shot too. He was the one who caught the entire episode on camera.

Chris Navarro said, "It was amazing cause I never saw anything like that before."

Marvin says he's practiced the long distance shot before but, never made it. His mom was in the crowd at the time and says the moment was electric.

Kristin Wimbley said, "This side was crazy. Everyone was up on their feet and cheering and it took them a good thirty seconds to calm down."

Marvin's coach was also blown away.

Jerod Uldall said, "It's gonna be up there probably as one of the most memorable shots I've ever seen and I've done this for 12 years and that's gonna be right at the top."

Corcoran ended up winning the game 69 to 52. As for a repeat of that shot.

Shannon Handy asked, "All right I'm gonna challenge you. Let's see you try that shot again."

Marvin says, he's not putting any bets on the next one.

Shannon Handy asked, "Do you think that will ever happen again in your basketball career?"

Marvin replied, "Uh, probably not, it's more of a once of a lifetime thing."

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