Super Bowl Snacking

FRESNO, Calif.

You might think multigrain tortilla chips are a healthier option.

Chips, dips, and all sorts of high-fat, high-calorie snacks get big play at game time.

"I like Doritos a lot."


"My dad would always take us to the supermarket the day before the Super Bowl and we got to pick out all the junk food we wanted!"

But game-day snacks can be notoriously unhealthy. Are multigrain tortilla chips a better option? Consumer reports just checked out eight. With names like Garden of Eatin' Sea Salt with Flax Seeds and Snyder's Eatsmart Naturals, they certainly sound healthier.

"Although the term multigrain sounds really healthy, it really only means that there's more than one kind of grain. Whether or not the grain is whole is what really counts," Erin Gudeux said.

Turns out the Garden of Eatin' Blues has the most types of whole grains. The other chips listed fewer or none at all.

As for taste, one rated excellent - Tostitos Multigrain Tortilla Chips. But as far as nutrition goes, they're about the same as the Tostitos 100 Percent White Corn Restaurant Style Chips. But they'll cost you about 30 percent more.

"Testers found that they had lots of sweet corn flavor and said they were even tasty enough to eat without dip," Gudeux said.

For about half as much, Archer Farms Authentic-Style Tortilla Chips from Target rated very good. "The Archer Farms chips were crispy, and had lots of complex corn and sesame flavors," Gudeux said.

And you can score some points with healthier dips like hummus and fat-free salsa.

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