Residents without power at Fresno apartment complex

FRESNO, Calif.

There are eight units at the apartment complex at South Sarah and Golden State. Residents who live there say electricity is supposed to be included in their rent. They believe their money never made it to PG&E and now they don't have the cash to move.

A table covers a broken window at one apartment unit and residents say inside, things are even worse. They said the units have rodents, mold, and now, no electricity. "We've been forced out of our apartment. These kids need lights and they need water. Food need to be cooked. The baby needs a bottle warmed and I can't even do that because I have no electricity in my apartment," said resident Lashell Jackson.

Residents said the electricity was cut Thursday. Last week, the property manager wouldn't take their February rent payments. Residents said she told them they'd have to find a new place to live. While Frederick Potts and other residents said poor maintenance has been an ongoing issue, the units do provide shelter. Now, the residents say they don't have anywhere else to go. "I paid my rent. She came and got my money. It's not fair," said Potts.

"What kind of plans are you supposed to make when you got an eight month old child and a two year old child in a place that has PG & E and water included?" said Jackson.

The city of Fresno said code enforcement officers visited the complex last week. So far, they've been unable to contact the property owner to find a solution. In the meantime, residents say their property manager has only offered one solution to deal with the lack of electricity: a small foam cooler, but no ice. "We just went shopping. How we supposed to put all of food in that tub right there?" said Jackson.

Randy Reed with the city of Fresno says code enforcement officers were told the property manager may be able to help find the residents other housing. But both Action News and the city haven't been able to make contact with the property owner.

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