Food Stamps for Fast Food proposal voted down

FRESNO, Calif.

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After much discussion and input from the fast food restaurant industry. Tuesday Fresno County Supervisors chose not allow a small a segment food stamp recipients to buy food at fast food restaurants.

Meals from the fast food industry are a part of American society and in some California counties food stamp recipients can use them here. On Tuesday a proposal to allow the elderly, disabled and homeless to do so in Fresno County was up for debate and discussion.

Fresno County Supervisor, Phil Larson said, "Whether it's county, state or federal it's gonna cost us money to administer that program."

Supervisor, Susan Anderson said, "I think buying a Subway sandwich is a better choice than buying candy or junk food at the grocery store."

The fast food restaurant industry brought the idea to the table and says it does have healthy options for the small, targeted group of the homeless, elderly, and disabled who can't cook at home.

JEM Restaurants Management Co., Kris Stuebner said, "There is a lady with 2 children behind our C Street restaurant who I'm sure would love to have a hot meal."

The program would have served just about 6,000 of the 200 thousand people who receive food stamps in Fresno County. The vote was three to two against.

Supervisor, Judy Case said, "I really appreciate our restaurant industry and I know they are struggling at this time but we really need to focus government on what is absolutely needed not just what people want."

Supervisor, Henry Perea said, "I think we lost focus on what the issue really was, and it was about taking a small segment of the CalFresh population, which are the elderly, disabled and giving them another opportunity to buy food."

The board did find one patch of common ground. It seems ready to see California's current food stamp program needs to be reformed and not allow the purchase of junk foods and sodas.

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