Ag Report - Wed Feb 9, 2011

FRESNO, Calif.

Farmers in Southern California blame the recent frost for damaging some winter crops.

The State Farm Bureau reports Southern California growers have taken a look at how last week's cold temperatures affected crops. They say some produce shows signs of potential damage. Farmers lost some lettuce and potatoes -- and some sweet corn may have to be replanted.

Citrus fruit for this year appears okay. However, one grower reported lemon blossoms were damaged by frost, which will reduce next year's crop.

One area of Northern California doesn't have to worry about the European grapevine moth.

Ag officials have lifted the quarantine in Lake County. They've declared the area free of the pest.

Inspectors say it's a sign of how well the efforts are going to get rid of the moth. When the weather warms up, officials will resume the fight in areas still quarantined.

The moth can destroy grapes. One Napa County grower lost his entire crop of 10-acres of chardonnay grapes in 2009.

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