Ag Report - 2/11/11

FRESNO, Calif.

Pizza shops should be happy. California cheese producers are making more mozzarella.

New statistics from the State Farm Bureau show California produced nearly 2.2-billion pounds of cheese. That's an almost 7-percent increase from the previous year.

Mozzarella cheese accounts for nearly 60-percent of the state's production, followed by cheddar and Monterey jack.

Getting your sugar fix will cost you more this Valentine's Day.

A series of disasters in Australia's sugarcane region and foul weather in Brazil, India and China has caused worldwide sugar prices to double from a year ago .

A spokeswoman for the National Confectioners Association says small candy makers are most likely to be affected by the increase. A year ago, a 50-pound bag of sugar cost $15 to $17 dollars. Now, it's $30 to $35 dollars.

The U.S. gets about half of its sugar from sugarcane and the rest from sugar beets.

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