Grandfather killed by hit-run driver in Lemoore

FRESNO, Calif.

The crash happened in Lemoore on December 26th. Someone in a mini-van struck 63-year-old Miguel Perez as he crossed the street. He died three weeks later.

The crash happened around 5:30 at night. Family members say he was heading to his house, which is located right around the corner.

Coming back to this Lemoore intersection hasn't gotten any easier for Raul Perez.

On the day after Christmas, someone in a dark colored mini-van hit his younger brother, Miguel Perez, in the crosswalk. Witnesses say the driver stopped for a minute, before taking off.

Raul says Miguel had just visited him at his nearby home, minutes before the crash. "I feel bad because he's too young to me and I feel bad, because he come and see my house. He come and walk right here."

Workers and customers from a nearby Me & Ed's pizzeria tried to help Miguel, who suffered serious injuries. He was hospitalized for nearly three weeks. Then, on January 22nd, just one week after doctors discharged him, Miguel died from a blood clot, an injury related to the accident.

Lemoore Police Commander, Steve Rossi says he's hoping people who were on the scene that day will come forward and help with the investigation. "I think a lot of people at that point, while the officers were trying to deal with the scene and the victim, probably left the area so we did not get their information, so we would like the people who were that that night to contact us."

Miguel leaves behind five children, along with several grandchildren.

Loved ones say, he had only been retired for less than a year, and that he enjoyed singing at family functions. Now, those gatherings will never be the same. But, family members hope finding the answers they need, will be a good start.

Jaime Ramos said, "You know, he just retired a year ago. He was happy to retire and a year later, he gets hit by car, you know, it's tough. You know, whatever information, as little as it may seem to you, it might be something of significance."

Miguel's family is offering a reward to anyone who has information leading to an arrest. If you know anything about this case, you are urged to call Lemoore police.

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