Parlier schools increase security after attack on campus

FRESNO, Calif.

The attacks happened on the campuses of Brletic Elementary School and Parlier High School.

Immediately following Tuesday's attack, some parents started walking their children to school, and the district hired another security guard. But, parents and teachers say that's not enough.

On Friday night, they discussed what more they can do to keep every student in Parlier Unified safe.

"He had also told her, by the way, you have something on your rear end and that's when he started to approach her to grab her and pulled her and she pushed him away."

Roy Castillo says his 12-year-old daughter is still traumatized by what happened at this bus stop last Tuesday morning.

Investigators say the man who attacked her, approached nearly a dozen other students that day. He even followed one girl into her classroom at Brletic Elementary School, before a police officer eventually tracked him down.

Roy Castillo said, "My child shouldn't have been a victim or the other kids shouldn't have been victims."

Castillo was among a room full of parents and school administrators who shared their concerns during a public meeting Friday evening. "Let's not work against each other. Let's engage."

Parents want to see more safety measures in place. And so far, the district is listening.

Since last week, they've added a security guard, who patrols the district's seven sites throughout the day.

Additionally, the front gate at Brletic Elementary School, which used to be closed, is now open, as a safer access point for students.

District officials say they're still looking to implement even more changes.

Rick Maldonado said, "There's an extra measure the board is going to take other than just the security. There's going to be fences put in place. Our staff will be more vigilant."

A Parlier police officer, who attended Friday's meeting, suggested forming more neighborhood watch groups. "You are our eyes. You are our ears."

Parents stress Friday's meeting is a good start, but that they need more people in order to move forward and make the area safer for kids.

Jimmy Aleman said, "I got involved. My wife got involved. Um, a lot of the parents got involved. We just need more parents to come out and get involved."

Parents and school officials formed a safety committee Friday night. The group will meet again within the next two weeks. They're hoping more parents will show up at the next meeting.

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