"Smuggle Truck" controversial topic and game

FRESNO, Calif.

It's called "Smuggle Truck" and the goal is to smuggle as many illegal immigrants as possible, across the border.

The game has not yet been released, but a YouTube preview of "Smuggle Truck" has already got people talking.

Veronica Flores Gil: "My original reaction is that it's horrible, it's real offensive to my culture."

The video shows an old truck loaded with presumably undocumented immigrants, racing through the desert. Players get points for keeping immigrants from falling off the truck, and ultimately crossing the border. The reward is a green card.

Cristina Herrera: "I don't find it amusing at all."

Doctor Cristina Herrera, assistant professor in the Department of Chicano and Latin American Studies at Fresno State says the game trivializes the plight of so many who have crossed the border.

Cristina Herrera: "A game like this completely minimizes the very real number of undocumented immigrants who died crossing, who've died in exactly this kind of way."

Its creators tell Action News "The idea for the game was a reaction to the frustrations we felt as our friends struggled through a long and winding immigration process. We understood that creating a satire would be the best way to bring the issue to light."

Reaction to "Smuggle Truck" has been mixed.

Graciela Moreno: "What do you think when you see something like this?

Brannon Lozano: "I can see where people would get offended, especially given the topic nowadays."

Jordan Vang: "No, I didn't find it offended."

Otto Melara: "It looked pretty stupid to me, it's obviously insensitive."

Game creators responded to the accusation that the game is in poor taste; by saying they created the game because they care. "Smuggle Truck has sparked debate, this discussion would not be happening right now if some feathers weren't ruffled."

And it has ruffled many feathers on the company's Facebook page.

Doctor Herrera says the game may lead to negative and racist comments, not immigration solutions. "People are talking about it, but I don't think we're having the right kinds of conversations. They are trying to make it seem as if they really care about the plight of undocumented people, but the game would suggest otherwise."

The game is scheduled to be released on iPhone and iPad next month, pending approval from Apple.

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