Clovis woman ousted in 2nd round on Wipeout

FRESNO, California

21-year-old Katie Rasmussen of Clovis competed on "Winter Wipeout."

About thirty of her friends and family gathered at her parents' house to cheer her on.

Katie jumped, dove, and flopped her way through the obstacle course against 23 other players.

She made it past the first round, but wasn't able to contort her body enough ways to avoid the "Ski Lift" -- sending her head first into the muddy water below.

Katie says the most fun she had on the show was facing off against the other competitors. "They came in talking a big game, but after the course, they were humbled. It was funny."

Katie says she's not too disappointed about losing out on the $50 thousand prize.

She now plans to continue studying to be a school teacher at Fresno Pacific University.

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