Visitors and Vendors happy with the World Ag Expo

TULARE, Calif.

Thursday many vendors here are leaving with big smiles on their faces, after the ag show brought them surprise success.

Johnny Georges is a South Florida native. This trip to the World Ag Expo is part of his first time in California. Georges set up a small booth at the ag show hoping to spread the word about his product -- the "Tree T-Pee" -- which he calls a mini-green house around each tree. The recycled plastic dome can boost the temperature around a tree by 17-degrees, which proved a lifesaver for one of his clients, a citrus grower.

"We had a 19 degree freeze for about 8 hours and he had no damage. The grove next to him was completely dead," said Georges.

News of Georges' invention has spread quickly here at The World Ag Expo. He's not licensed yet to sell his product in California, but he's already sold more than 300,000 Tree T-Pee's online.

"Ma'am I didn't have a clue that this was going to happen. I thank Jesus for it it's almost a dream come true being at the World Ag Expo it's exciting it's unbelievable I'm blown away by the attention."

Across the grounds, the maker of the 18-foot vortex hail cannons is seeing his best sales in five years. Last year, inventor Newt Wimer didn't even make it to the World Ag Expo, because his business was slow. Now, it's booming.

"It was a kind of a slow year domestically last year but this year has been our best season yet," said Wimer.

But the farm show isn't all about sales. It's about fun, too.

Toyota let me test drive their new tundra on its off-road course. The angles, turns and steep hills are definitely what attracts hundreds of people to get in on all the action.

Toyota said 800 people test drive their trucks here every day at the World Ag Expo.

Ag show officials say they expect record attendance this year. They haven't added up all the numbers yet but they're estimating that more than 100,000 visitors passed through the gates.

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