Chrysler dealership in Hanford plans to hire 40

FRESNO, Calif.

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The Chrysler dealership opened Monday after having to shut down about two years ago.

People here said they're thrilled the dealership has opened back up. Many people waited in line for more than an hour and they tell me they're willing to take any job that's available.

Michael Grantham said, "Looking for a new job. I'm trying to expand my experiences. I just got out of a job, was there for a while so just looking for something new. The line is crazy it's like six flags except there's no cool ride at the end."

The job fair goes on until 7:00 Tuesday night at 11th and Lacey Boulevard in Hanford. Again, they're hiring about 40 people.

The dealership says it could hire some people on the spot. They're hiring a wide range of jobs from service to sales and people for its finance department.

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