Westminster Dog show more than entertains


Fans of Tilly cool her off with a fan as if she's a supermodel. "She's a French dog. She just stuck her tongue in my mouth."

It's Westminster, the show where poodles show up with their ears wrapped and sheepdogs walk around wearing waders. The show where humans pre-moisten the dog treats in their own mouths and pick up their pooches by their privates. The show where your Great Dane pins you to the wall. This year there are 6 new breeds at Westminster and many are a mouthful.

"The uh (licks lips) Boykin Spaniel."

South Carolina's state dog. There's the Red Bone Coonhound and the Blue Tick Coonhound. "He does like to dance."

And there's our favorite name the "Leonberger."

Little known at the dog show snack bar. "Do you guys serve Leonbergers?" "Who?"

"Is that a Leonberger?" "Yes it is."

"This is a Leonburger?" "I dunno what's a Leonberger?"

"It's a breed of dog." "Whoa! god!"

"Such a sweet face."

And guess what Annie the Leonberger likes.

"She loves hamburgers."

Leonberg is actually the town in Germany where the breed was established. Among those newly admitted to Westminster, the Red Bone Coonhound has a special quirk.

"The Red Bone Coondog has been recorded at 125 barks in a minute." But that's only when chasing raccoons up a tree.

"Could I get one little bark out of Thunder?" "I don't think Thunder's gonna bark for you."

But we know who will. Mary Bloom is considered the dean of Westminster photographers. She'll do anything. To make dogs look at her lens. And they do.

"Look look look look newspaper you're gonna be in it."

But if a show dog needs to attract attention, a hairdo might help.

"What's the hairstyle called?" "The Snooki."

Jersey shore meets hoity-toity Westminster show dog.

"Can I touch the Snooki?" "Sure touch it. Snooki let's anyone touch so go for it."

It only took an hour to get stormy here all dolled up.

"I take an hour and I don't look anywhere near that good." "Well he's a little younger than you are."

Go ahead. Treat me like chopped meat.

"Excuse me, do you guys serve Leonbergers?"

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